The automotive sector has always experienced the greatest implementation of advanced analytical technologies and industrial data integration systems. That is why from Tyris AI, we specialize in Predictive Maintenance Systems, Supply Chain Optimization, and simulations of production changes in the automotive sector. For this reason, we are official suppliers of large customers in the sector such as SEAT, and we have engineers with extensive experience.


At Tyris AI we are already working on several predictive analytics projects for the construction sector. Systems for optimizing infrastructure maintenance plans or systems for predicting future failures of heavy machinery under construction offer great improvements in imputed costs, time and resource management.


One of the industrial sectors in which it’s become more usual the use of machine learning techniques is the Metal and Steel industry. These industries are especially susceptible to quality inspection systems due to critical processes such as molding and straightening facilities. For this reason, Tyris AI is already working in Predictive Quality Systems to predict future quality incidents in the production processes.


In agriculture, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies allow monitor in real time the state of the crops as well as the management and control that the farmer has on it. At Tyris AI we are able to measure the key indicators through IoT Network sensors deployed in the fields and process the data obtained jointly with the data from the weather stations and the phytosanitary alert databases.

In the production plant, predictive maintenance systems are able to reduce or even eliminate unplanned production stops through the identification of future machine failures, before they occur.